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Papers associated with plasma membrane

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Homology Modeling Identifies Crucial Amino-Acid Residues That Confer Higher Na+ Transport Capacity of OcHKT1;5 from Oryza coarctata Roxb., Somasundaram S., Plant Cell Physiol. July 1, 2020; 61 (7): 1321-1334.

Models of convergent extension during morphogenesis., Shindo A., Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol. January 1, 2018; 7 (1):                 

Identification of a selective inhibitor of human monocarboxylate transporter 4., Futagi Y., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. January 1, 2018; 495 (1): 427-432.

Dual effects of insect nAChR chaperone RIC-3 on hybrid receptor: Promoting assembly on endoplasmic reticulum but suppressing transport to plasma membrane on Xenopus oocytes., Bao H., Neurochem Int. January 1, 2018; 115 24-30.

External Ion Access in the Na/K Pump: Kinetics of Na+, K+, and Quaternary Amine Interaction., Stanley KS., Biophys J. January 1, 2018; 115 (2): 361-374.

Differential cytolocation and functional assays of the two major human SLC30A8 (ZnT8) isoforms., Carvalho S., J Trace Elem Med Biol. December 1, 2017; 44 116-124.

Two MATE Transporters with Different Subcellular Localization are Involved in Al Tolerance in Buckwheat., Lei GJ., Plant Cell Physiol. December 1, 2017; 58 (12): 2179-2189.

Protein kinase C enhances plasma membrane expression of cardiac L-type calcium channel, CaV1.2., Raifman TK., Channels (Austin). November 2, 2017; 11 (6): 604-615.

The K+ channel KZM2 is involved in stomatal movement by modulating inward K+ currents in maize guard cells., Gao YQ., Plant J. November 1, 2017; 92 (4): 662-675.

The Sorting Nexin 3 Retromer Pathway Regulates the Cell Surface Localization and Activity of a Wnt-Activated Polycystin Channel Complex., Feng S., J Am Soc Nephrol. October 1, 2017; 28 (10): 2973-2984.

APETx4, a Novel Sea Anemone Toxin and a Modulator of the Cancer-Relevant Potassium Channel KV10.1., Moreels L., Mar Drugs. September 13, 2017; 15 (9):                 

Family of Ricinus communis Monosaccharide Transporters and RcSTP1 in Promoting the Uptake of a Glucose-Fipronil Conjugate., Mao GL., J Agric Food Chem. August 2, 2017; 65 (30): 6169-6178.

Effects of freezing and activation on membrane quality and DNA damage in Xenopus tropicalis and Xenopus laevis spermatozoa., Morrow S., Reprod Fertil Dev. August 1, 2017; 29 (8): 1556-1566.

Functional assessment of sodium chloride cotransporter NCC mutants in polarized mammalian epithelial cells., Rosenbaek LL., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. August 1, 2017; 313 (2): F495-F504.

Expression of the aquaglyceroporin HC-9 in a freeze-tolerant amphibian that accumulates glycerol seasonally., Stogsdill B., Physiol Rep. August 1, 2017; 5 (15):               

ENaC activity is regulated by calpain-2 proteolysis of MARCKS proteins., Montgomery DS., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. July 1, 2017; 313 (1): C42-C53.

Non-selective cation channel activity of aquaporin AtPIP2;1 regulated by Ca 2+ and pH., Byrt CS., Plant Cell Environ. June 1, 2017; 40 (6): 802-815.

The fungal UmSrt1 and maize ZmSUT1 sucrose transporters battle for plant sugar resources., Wittek A., J Integr Plant Biol. June 1, 2017; 59 (6): 422-435.

Evaluation of microtransplantation of rat brain neurolemma into Xenopus laevis oocytes as a technique to study the effect of neurotoxicants on endogenous voltage-sensitive ion channels., Murenzi E., Neurotoxicology. May 1, 2017; 60 260-273.

Novel short antimicrobial peptide isolated from Xenopus laevis skin., Zhang Y, Zhang Y., J Pept Sci. May 1, 2017; 23 (5): 403-409.

Role of plasma membrane-associated AKAPs for the regulation of cardiac IK1 current by protein kinase A., Seyler C., Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. May 1, 2017; 390 (5): 493-503.

H + -dependent inorganic phosphate uptake in Trypanosoma brucei is influenced by myo-inositol transporter., Russo-Abrahão T., J Bioenerg Biomembr. April 1, 2017; 49 (2): 183-194.

Polar Localization of the NIP5;1 Boric Acid Channel Is Maintained by Endocytosis and Facilitates Boron Transport in Arabidopsis Roots., Wang S., Plant Cell. April 1, 2017; 29 (4): 824-842.

GABAB receptor attenuation of GABAA currents in neurons of the mammalian central nervous system., Shen W., Physiol Rep. March 1, 2017; 5 (6):           

Isolation and functional characterization of CsLsi1, a silicon transporter gene in Cucumis sativus., Sun H., Physiol Plant. February 1, 2017; 159 (2): 201-214.

Glycosylation affects the stability and subcellular distribution of human PAT1 protein., Luo H., FEBS Lett. February 1, 2017; 591 (4): 613-623.

Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Oocytes Modulate the Dynamics of IP3 -Dependent Ca2+ Release From Oscillatory to Tonic., Courjaret R., J Cell Physiol. January 1, 2017; 232 (5): 1095-1103.

Nemo-like kinase 1 (Nlk1) and paraxial protocadherin (PAPC) cooperatively control Xenopus gastrulation through regulation of Wnt/planar cell polarity (PCP) signaling., Kumar R., Differentiation. January 1, 2017; 93 27-38.                            

Sucrose Transporter Localization and Function in Phloem Unloading in Developing Stems., Milne RJ., Plant Physiol. January 1, 2017; 173 (2): 1330-1341.

Bicarbonate sensing in mouse cortical astrocytes during extracellular acid/base disturbances., Theparambil SM., J Physiol. January 1, 2017; 595 (8): 2569-2585.

Honeybee locomotion is impaired by Am-CaV3 low voltage-activated Ca2+ channel antagonist., Rousset M., Sci Rep. January 1, 2017; 7 41782.        

Folate receptor 1 is necessary for neural plate cell apical constriction during Xenopus neural tube formation., Balashova OA., Development. January 1, 2017; 144 (8): 1518-1530.                        

Heteromeric Slick/Slack K+ channels show graded sensitivity to cell volume changes., Tejada MA., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (2): e0169914.        

A novel role of the organizer gene Goosecoid as an inhibitor of Wnt/PCP-mediated convergent extension in Xenopus and mouse., Ulmer B., Sci Rep. January 1, 2017; 7 43010.                  

The Malaria Parasite''s Lactate Transporter PfFNT Is the Target of Antiplasmodial Compounds Identified in Whole Cell Phenotypic Screens., Hapuarachchi SV., PLoS Pathog. January 1, 2017; 13 (2): e1006180.            

OsPTR7 (OsNPF8.1), a Putative Peptide Transporter in Rice, is Involved in Dimethylarsenate Accumulation in Rice Grain., Tang Z., Plant Cell Physiol. January 1, 2017; 58 (5): 904-913.

Bimodal regulation of Dishevelled function by Vangl2 during morphogenesis., Seo HS., Hum Mol Genet. January 1, 2017; 26 (11): 2053-2061.

Usher syndrome type 1-associated cadherins shape the photoreceptor outer segment., Schietroma C., J Cell Biol. January 1, 2017; 216 (6): 1849-1864.                  

The Nodulin 26-like intrinsic membrane protein OsNIP3;2 is involved in arsenite uptake by lateral roots in rice., Chen Y., J Exp Bot. January 1, 2017; 68 (11): 3007-3016.

Dimerization of GTR1 regulates their plasma membrane localization., Ishimaru Y., Plant Signal Behav. January 1, 2017; 12 (6): e1334749.

Bacterial Sphingomyelinase is a State-Dependent Inhibitor of the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane conductance Regulator (CFTR)., Stauffer BB., Sci Rep. January 1, 2017; 7 (1): 2931.                

The tyrosine Y2502.39 in Frizzled 4 defines a conserved motif important for structural integrity of the receptor and recruitment of Disheveled., Strakova K., Cell Signal. January 1, 2017; 38 85-96.

Renal localization and regulation by dietary phosphate of the MCT14 orphan transporter., Knöpfel T., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (6): e0177942.          

Acetylcholinesterase plays a non-neuronal, non-esterase role in organogenesis., Pickett MA., Development. January 1, 2017; 144 (15): 2764-2770.                    

Molecular determinants of acidic pH-dependent transport of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 3., Rahman MF., J Biol Chem. January 1, 2017; 292 (36): 14775-14785.

Ion Channels as Reporters of Membrane Receptor Function: Automated Analysis in Xenopus Oocytes., Vivaudou M., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2017; 1635 283-301.

Functional characterization of an aquaporin from a microsporidium, Nosema bombycis., Chen G., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (7): e0181703.                        

Modeling Dominant and Recessive Forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa by Editing Three Rhodopsin-Encoding Genes in Xenopus Laevis Using Crispr/Cas9., Feehan JM., Sci Rep. January 1, 2017; 7 (1): 6920.              

Dual control of pcdh8l/PCNS expression and function in Xenopus laevis neural crest cells by adam13/33 via the transcription factors tfap2α and arid3a., Khedgikar V., Elife. January 1, 2017; 6                                                             

Ingression-type cell migration drives vegetal endoderm internalisation in the Xenopus gastrula., Wen JW., Elife. January 1, 2017; 6                           

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