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Anatomy Term: neural plate border
XAO ID: 0004104
Synonyms: NPB
Definition: "The boundary between non-neural ectoderm and the neural plate of neurula stage embryos, giving rise to the neural crest and cranial placodes."
Stage Range: NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 22
Marker Genes: aqp3 pax3 gbx2.1 tfap2a zic1 msx1
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
ectoderm NF stage 10 to NF stage 66
Develops Into:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
cranial placode NF stage 13 to NF stage 42
lateral preplacodal ectoderm NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 32
neural crest NF stage 13 to NF stage 44
preplacodal ectoderm NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 28
Parent(s): ectoderm


Parent(s): tissue (is_a) ectoderm (part_of) neural plate (part_of)


References: NCBO BioPortal , Ontology Lookup Service
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