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Anatomy Term: neural plate
XAO ID: 0000249
Definition: "A region of embryonic ectodermal cells that lie directly above the notochord. During neurulation, they change shape and produce an infolding of the neural plate (the neural fold) that then seals to form the neural tube. At NF stage 11.5 is the first indication of neural plate within the sensorial layer of ectoderm. It extends to near the animal pole by NF stage 12.5 and the entire plate is faintly delimited by NF stage 13."
Stage Range: NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 22
Marker Genes:
Develops From:
Develops Into:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
dorsal tegmentum NF stage 15 to death
dorsolateral neural tube NF stage 18 to NF stage 28
ventral tegmentum NF stage 15 to death
ventrolateral neural tube NF stage 18 to NF stage 28

Parent(s): tissue (is_a) neuroectoderm (part_of)


References: NCBO BioPortal , Ontology Lookup Service
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