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Sodium bicarbonate cotransporter, SLC4A4. Early phase (stage 29 - 32) expression restricted to proximal segment, both early and late but stronger in early. At stage 33 a second domain of expression begins in the late distal segment. This late distal expression is much stronger than the proximal segment expression which remains on at low levels.

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Stage 31, lateral view. This is the early phase of expression, which is restricted to the proximal segment.
Stage 35 staining. XNBC1 is shown in black, the NAK ATPase in FITC (green).
Stage 34 embryo, close up. Both light proximal staining and dark late distal staining is visible.
Stage 35.
Stage 38.
Stage 38-39.
Stage 36 double stain. This is a FCIS overlay. XNBC1 appears blue. ATPase alone appears orange. Overlap is pink.
Stage 38 double stain. XNBC1 is shown in green (FITC), and XNKCC2 in red (Cy3). This is a wholemount FISH.


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Agencourt: adult Xenopus laevis kidney library Zhou, X. and Vize, P.D. (2004). Proximo-distal specialization of epithelial transport processes within the Xenopus pronephric tubules. Developmental Biology 271: 322-338.
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Peter Vize GenBank BU905206
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Peter Vize or IMAGE 4032876 Peter Vize
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plasmid: pCMV SPORT6 vector cut with: transcribe with: pronephroi / Xenopus cotransporters
IMAGE 4032876 SmaI T7  
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