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Figure 5. Chromosome map of Tol2 transposon insertions transmitted through the germline. (a) Schematic representation of Xenopus tropicalis chromosomes and the relative location of the Tol2 integration sites (not to scale). Chromosomal assignments were predicted using the scaffold identity revealed by comparison of the transposon flanking sequence with the Xenopus tropicalis genome sequence (JGI v4.1 assembly). The position of the Tol2 integration on each chromosome was estimated from the map position of the corresponding scaffold. The parental integration site, hbr used for the germline remobilization experiment, is depicted by the thick green line and is labeled on the left side of the chromosome. Examples of remobilized transposition events that are passed through the germline are in green and are labeled on the right hand side of the corresponding chromosome. Mapping the integration sites provided evidence for both 'local hopping' and random re-integration throughout the genome. Remobilization events are indicated by the arrows. (b) Sequence analysis of the EPTS LM-PCR product from the fol allele reveals integration of the Tol2XIG transposon at the beginning of the first exon of the MTHFD1L gene. The sequence of the 5'-end of Tol2XIG is in lowercase italics and represented by the red arrow. The integration event has occurred at the first nucleotide of exon 1 (uppercase text) of the MTHFD1L gene, 169 bp upstream of the translation start codon, depicted by the dark arrow above the sequence. The first five amino acids of the MTHFD1L gene are shown in single letter code below the corresponding codons.

Image published in: Yergeau DA et al. (2010)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. Copyright ©2010 Yergeau et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

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