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Figure 2. Brachyury Paralogues Xbra and Xbra3 Balance Mesodermal over Neural Fate and Prime Mesoderm for Differentiation(A) Differential expression profile (n = 3) of Xbra target genes. Transcriptional fold changes upon Xbra, Xbra3, or Xbra/Xbra3 KD determined at stage 13 (neurula), 26 (midtail bud), and 32 (early tadpole) by RT-qPCR (i), logarithmized, clustered, and visualized as heat map. Gene-associated total Xbra binding levels (ii) detected at stages 11–12.5 (gastrula) by ChIP-seq (n = 2).(B) WMISH (i) of control and Xbra/Xbra3 KD embryos for selected Xbra target genes at stages 12–12.5 (late gastrula) and 24–25 (midtail bud). Arrowheads and line indicate loss of posterior mesoderm (myf5, msgn1, mespa), formation of irregular, anterior somites (actc1), and ectopic or elevated expression within tail bud and dorsal nervous system (pax3). The scale bar represents 0.5 mm. (ii) Number of actc1+ somites formed by stage 24 and 25 in control and Xbra/Xbra3 KD embryos (n = 9).(C) Tissue-specific Gene Ontology (GO) term analysis of differentially expressed genes (≥1.5-fold; FDR < 10%) in transcriptome-wide study of control and Xbra/Xbra3 KD embryos at stage 32. Statistical significance (p) according to Mann-Whitney U test using PANTHER classification system (Mi et al., 2010).All error bars, SD of indicated biological replicates (n). ≥1.5-fold transcriptional misregulation: ∗, FDR < 10%; ∗∗, FDR < 1%; ∗∗∗, FDR < 0.1%. See also Figures S2, S3, and S4 and Table S2.

Image published in: Gentsch GE et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2013 The Authors

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