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Figure 3. Strongly Activated Target Genes Show Preferential Xbra Binding to Promoter-Proximal and Intermediate Upstream Regions(A) Venn diagram of genes targeted by Xbra at gastrula and/or early tail bud stages (sum [−log pgastrula] or sum [−log ptailbud] ≥ 25) and genes misregulated at stage 32 (≥1.5-fold; FDR < 10%) following Xbra/Xbra3 KD. Fisher’s exact test indicates probability of observed overlap (pobs. overlap) and expected number of overlap (Nexp. overlap) based on random draws of gene sets from 16,760 genes (for which differential expression was calculated in Table S2).(B) Xbra binding at gastrula and early tail bud stage across down- or upregulated target genes (≥1.5-fold; FDR < 10%) compared with control sets of target genes. The asterisk indicates significantly (p < 0.05) enriched binding compared to controls according to a one-tailed Mann-Whitney U test (Extended Experimental Procedures). Brackets indicate loss of statistical significance (p ∼ 0.2) when zero DNA occupancies were excluded. See also Table S3.(C) Heat map representation of Xbra binding near strongly Xbra/Xbra3-dependent target genes at gastrula and early tail bud stages.

Image published in: Gentsch GE et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2013 The Authors

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