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Figure 5. Eomes, VegT, and Xbra Can Activate Directly the Same T-box TF-dependent Target Genes(A) Animal cap (AC) assay to detect direct regulation (i.e., in the presence of chx) of gene transcription by RT-qPCR using dex-inducible fusion constructs (Xbra-GR, VegT-GR, Eomes-GR) individually or in combination (3xT-GR). Data normalized to gapdh and the uninduced sample (−dex). The error bars represent SD of biological duplicates.(B) Heat map representation of clustered transcriptional response ratios (+dex/−dex) of T-box TF target genes to the activity of T-box TFs with (−chx) or without (+chx) de novo protein synthesis.(C) Protein synthesis-independent rescue of msgn1 transcription in the tail bud (arrowheads) of Xbra/Xbra3-depleted embryos (stages 22–23) by activated Xbra-GR, whose RNA was unilaterally injected together with lacZ lineage tracer RNA.

Image published in: Gentsch GE et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2013 The Authors

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