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Figure S3. Transcriptional Misregulation of Xbra Target Genes Induced by the Combined Knockdown of Xbra and Xbra3 Affects Posterior Mesoderm Development, Related to Figure 2WMISH on control and Xbra/Xbra3 KD embryos at late gastrula (stage 12-12.5) and mid-tailbud (24-25) stage for several Xbra target genes (myoD, not, Xbra, foxc1, delta2, LOC733709 and esr5) and muscle differentiation marker myh1. Arrowheads and line indicate loss of posterior mesoderm development (myoD, not, Xbra, foxc1, delta2, LOC733709 and esr5) and formation of irregularly shaped, anterior somites (myh1) upon Xbra/Xbra3 KD. Number of myh1+ somites (n = 9) formed by stage 24-25 plotted for control and Xbra/Xbra3 KD embryos (error bar, s.d.; two-tailed Student’s t test: ∗∗∗p < 0.001). The sense probe of the uncharacterized gene LOC733709 did not produce any staining as shown on a mid-tailbud embryo. Statistics in bottom right corner indicate the number of embryos observed with the depicted WMISH pattern versus the number of embryos analyzed in total. Views: stage 12-12.5, dorso-posterior; stage 24-25, lateral, posterior end to the right. Scale bar, 0.5 mm.

Image published in: Gentsch GE et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2013 The Authors

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