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FIG. 4. Northern blot analysis of XlP2Y expression in Xenopus embryos. A, Northern blot of total RNA isolated from staged Xenopus embryos (27), demonstrating that XlP2Y transcripts are predominantly expressed during neurula stages. Stages: 1, fertilized egg; 6, 32 cells; 8, mid blastula; 10, early gastrula; 13, early neurula; 18, neurula; 21, neural tube closed; 25, early tailbud; 27, tailbud; 33, tailbud; 42, tadpole. B, Northern blot of total RNA isolated from timed embryos demonstrating that XlP2Y transcripts are first detected 7 h (stage 12) after the onset of gastrulation (0 hours, stage 10). C, Northern blot of total RNA showing that XlP2Y is predominantly expressed in dorsal tissues. 17A, stage 17 dorsal-anterior tissues; 17P, stage 17 dorsal-posterior tissues; 17V, stage 17 ventral tissues; Exo, stage 17 exogastrulae; Con, stage 17 controls; UV, stage 17 UV-irradiated embryos. Exogastrulae, UV-irradiated, and control embryos were obtained from the same batch of embryos. Note low levels of expression in ventral tissues. All blots were probed with histone H4 as a loading control.

Image published in: Bogdanov YD et al. (1997)

Copyright © 1997. Image reproduced with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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