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Figure 6. Photomicrographs of transverse (A,B,D–K) and sagittal (C,L) sections through the developing hypothalamus of Xenopus showing in the mammillary region and adjacent areas the combined expressions of Pax7 and Nkx2.1 (A,D) and Pax7 and Otp (E). The arrowheads in (A,D,E,F) show double-labeled cells. In addition, images are shown of the combined labeling for TH with Nkx2.1 (F), xShh (G), Isl1 (H), Otp (I), xLhx1 (J), and Nkx2.2 (K,L). The schematic representations at the bottom summarize the combinatorial codes of the markers in the mammillary hypothalamus in a lateral view of the brain and a transverse section. A magenta-green version of this figure is provided as Supporting Information Fig. 5. Scale bars = 100 μm in A,B,E–L (in E is valid for D); 50 μm in C

Image published in: Domínguez L et al. (2014)

Copyright © 2014. Image reproduced on Xenbase with permission of the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons.

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