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Figure 2. Differential induction of Xwnt-8 and goosecoid expression by activin in ectoderm isolated from prospective dorsal or ventral halves of blastulae. Ectoderm isolated from the prospective dorsal half (D), ventral half (V), or whole (W} animal region of blastulae was cultured in the presence ( + ) or absence ( - ) of 10 ng/ml of activin A as indicated above each lane. RNA prepared from 10 explants in each group at control stage 11 was subjected to Northern blot analysis. The filter was successively hybridized to Xwnt-8 ar~t goosecoid riboprobes, as indicated at left, and then to an EF- 1 ~ cDNA probe to determine equivalence of loading.

Image published in: Christian JL and Moon RT (1993)

Copyright © 1993. Image reproduced on with permission of the Publisher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. This is an Open Access article.

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