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Figure 6. Lineage analysis of Xw/'/t-8 myc expressing cells. CSKA-X8 myc was injected into the dorsal (A-C} or lateral (DI marginal zone of four-cell embryos, and expression of Xwr/t-8 myc protein was detected by wholemount immunocytochemical staining with monoclonal antiserum 9E10. {A) Whole gastrulae {stage 10). {B) Sagittal section through a representative stage-10 embryo; dorsal lip indicated by open arrow. (C-D) Transverse sections through neurulae {stage 21). Abbreviations are as in Fig. 5. Curved arrows in A denote dorsal marginal zone staining and, in other panels, denote representative Xwnt- 8myc-expressing cells.

Image published in: Christian JL and Moon RT (1993)

Copyright © 1993. Image reproduced on with permission of the Publisher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. This is an Open Access article.

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