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Figure 7. Expression of Xwnt-8 after the midblastula transition induces ventral mesoderm and inhibits induction of notochord by activin in ectodermal explants. Ectoderm was isolated from blastulae that had received no injection IA,D,G,J}, ventral injections {B,E,H,K), or dorsal injections (C,F,I,L) of CSKA-X8. Photographs of intact explants (A-C, G-I) or histological sections ID-F, J-L) of explants cultured in the absence {A-F) or presence [G-L} of 10 ng/ml of activin A until control stage 40 are shown. Abbreviations are as follows: {mese) Mesenchyme; {meso) mesothelium; (bl) cells resembling blood cells; (mus) muscle; (not) notochord. Bar in A, 1 mm [A-CJ, 310 Izm {D-F), 620 wm {G-/J, or 400 I~m [J-L}.

Image published in: Christian JL and Moon RT (1993)

Copyright © 1993. Image reproduced on with permission of the Publisher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. This is an Open Access article.

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