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Figure 1. nodal1 Rescues Cilia Defects Induced by Notch1 Knockdown (A) Cilia length at the GRP. N1MO (50 ng), NICD RNA (100 pg), nodal1 RNA (5 pg), and/or conMO (50 ng) were injected into the dorsal marginal zone of four-cell embryos, and embryos were fixed at stage 17. Cilia were stained using an antiacetylated a-tubulin antibody. Membrane RFP (memRFP) RNA was co-injected as a lineage tracer and to indicate the cell membrane. Scale bar represents 15 mm. a, anterior; p, posterior. (B) Average length of cilia from (A). Fifty cilia from six GRPs were analyzed for each sample. Two GRPs were randomly chosen from each of three independent experiments. (C and D) Leftward flow. GRPs were explanted at stage 17, and flow was imaged subsequent to the addition of fluorescent beads. Velocity (C) is shown in mm/s, and directionality (D) is shown as the dimensionless number rho. The maximum value r = 1 indicates that all trajectories point in the same direction, whereas a r value of 0 indicates uniform distribution in all directions. Statistical analyses were carried out in Excel using SEM and Student’s t test to calculate p values (*p % 0.05, **p % 0.005, ***p % 0.0005, ****p % 0.00005; n.s., not significant).

Image published in: Tözser J et al. (2015)

Copyright © 2015. Image reproduced with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

tuba4b.L tuba4, alpha tubulin, alpha-tubulin, tuba4aX.laevisThroughout NF stage 17gastrocoel roof plate

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