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Fig. 7. Myosin IIA is required for cytoskeletal integrity. (A) Protein extracts of wild-type (WT) or myosin IIA-MO embryos were subjected to western blotting with antibodies against myosin IIA and α-tubulin, which showed the efficiency of the morpholinos. R, ratios of myosin IIA to α-tubulin normalized to WT. (B) Immunodetection of myosin IIA in C-MO and myosin IIA-MO notochords. Labeling of myosin IIA was lost in morphants at stage 28. Dotted lines outline the notochord (NC). (C) Phenotypes of control and myosin IIA morphants at stage 32. (a-d) Immunodetection of Dg and laminin in C-MO embryos and morphants. The notochord diameter and the vacuole size increased. Myosin IIA depletion does not affect Dg and laminin expression, but they do not localize normally. (e,f) Tor70 labeling confirms the increase in the size of the notochord and vacuoles. (D) F-actin and α-tubulin localization, by using confocal microscopy, in control and myosin IIA- and Dg-depleted notochord at stage 32. (a-f) F-actin is revealed by staining with phalloidin. (d-f) Magnification at the cell cortex showing the loss of labeling in morphants; the area corresponds to that highlighted by the white box in the panel above. (g-l) Tubulin is revealed by using an antibody against α-tubulin. (j-l) Magnification at the cell cortex showing the network disruption of α-tubulin; the area corresponds to that highlighted by the white box in the panel above. Dotted lines outline the notochord. S, somite. Scale bars: 25 μm in B,Ca-f,Da-c,Dg-i; 500 μm in C upper panels; 10 μm in Dd-f,Dj-l.

Image published in: Buisson N et al. (2014)

Copyright © 2014. Image reproduced with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

dag1.Ldystroglycan, alpha-dystroglycanX.laevisThroughout NF stage 32notochord
lama1.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 32notochord
myh9.Ldfna17, epsts, ftns, nmhc-ii-a, nmmhca, KLG/PTK7, myosin IIA, Myosin Heavy Chain 2AX.laevisThroughout NF stage 28notochord
acta1.Sacta, asma, cftd, mpfd, nem1, cftd1, cftdm, alpha 1 skeletal muscle actinX.laevisThroughout NF stage 32notochord
tuba4b.Ltuba4, alpha tubulin, alpha-tubulin, tuba4aX.laevisThroughout NF stage 32notochord

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