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Figure 8. Model for the stimulation of cranial neural crest cell migration by chondroitin/dermatan sulfate proteoglycans in a post-neurula embryo. DS-epi1 converts GlcA into isolated IdoA residues on CS/DS-PGs. The interaction between CS/DS-PGs and extracellular fibronectin stimulates cytoskeletal rearrangement and polarized cell migration. CNC, cranial neural crest; CS, chondroitin sulfate; DS, dermatan sulfate; Dse, DS-epimerase 1; GlcA, glucuronic acid; IdoA, iduronic acid, PG, proteoglycan.

Image published in: Gouignard N et al. (2016)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2016. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd

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