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Fig. 1. Metabolic activation of WT and mutant KATP channels. (a) Representative whole-cell currents recorded from oocytes expressing WT or homG324R channels in response to 500 ms voltage steps of ±20 mV from a holding potential of −10 mV. Sodium azide (azide, 3 mmol/l) and tolbutamide (tolb., 0.5 mmol/l) were added as indicated. (b) Current in control solution for WT (n = 13), hetG324R (het; n = 9) and homG324R (hom; n = 10) expressed as a percentage of that in the presence of 3 mmol/l sodium azide (per cent maximal current). (c) Mean tolbutamide block for WT (98.2 ± 0.2%, n = 7), hetG324R (het; 97.9 ± 0.3%, n = 6) and homG324R (hom; 98.1 ± 0.4%, n = 7) channels (measured in the presence of sodium azide)

Image published in: Vedovato N et al. (2016)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © The Author(s) 2016

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