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Fig. 2. MgATP inhibition of KATP channels is reduced by the Kir6.2-G324R mutation. (a) Representative currents recorded at −60 mV from inside-out patches excised from oocytes expressing WT or mutant KATP channels. The dashed line indicates the zero current level. MgATP (10 μmol/l) was applied as indicated. (b, c) Relationship between KATP current and MgATP concentration for WT (black squares), homG324R (grey filled squares; b) and hetG324R (grey empty squares; c) channels. Current in the presence of nucleotide (I) is expressed as a fraction of that in its absence (IC). The curves are the best fit to the Hill equation. ***p < 0.001 compared with WT (t test)

Image published in: Vedovato N et al. (2016)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © The Author(s) 2016

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