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Figure 8. Disrupted alignment of outer hair cells (OHCs) in the cortical organ of Gsc knockout embryos.(A) Gsc transcription (blue) locates opposite of the cortical organ (CO). (B) Schematic depiction of Gsc expression in blue and Wnt5a expression in green. OHCs and inner hair cells (IHC) are highlighted by arrows. (C–G) Confocal imaging of kinocilia (red, tubulin) and stereocilia (green, phalloidin) in the cortical organ of Gsc knockout mouse embryos (D,F), compared to wt littermates (C,E) schematically depicted in (E,F). (G) Quantification of alignments, depicted as rose plots. According to the angle of deviations from the normal perpendicular orientation (90°), vectors were plotted in 11.25° sectors. The area of a sector represents the number of cells with this directionality. Note that significantly higher deviations from the normal perpendicular orientation (90°) were observed in OHC3 of Gsc knockout specimens (middle, red, n = 390) compared to wildtype littermates (left, blue, n = 308, p = 0.03).

Image published in: Ulmer B et al. (2017)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. Copyright © 2017, The Author(s)

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