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Figure 3. Antiaggregation Effects of Exogenous DNAJB6-like Proteins Reflect Their Normal Physiological Function and They Do Not Disaggregate Preexisting Aggregates (A and B) Western blot (A) and filter trap (B) analysis on cell lysates coexpressing a tetracycline-inducible dominant-negative HSF-1 (dnHSF1; probed with an HSF-1 antibody), HDQ119-EYFP (GFP antibody), and DNAJB6b or DNAJB8 (anti-V5 antibody). (C) Relative abundance (in %) of DNAJB subfamily transcripts in human HEK293 cells. (D and E) Western blot (D) and filter trap (E) analysis of cell extracts expressing EGFP-HDQ74 and treated with nontargeting siRNA or siRNA directed against DNAJB6. Samples were taken 48 hr after transfection; details as in Figure 1. Numbers represent the percentage of aggregation in cells with siRNA against DNAJB6 compared to cells with nontargeting siRNA (= 100%). (F) Western blot and (G) filter trap analysis showing effects of DNAJB8 expression on preexisting aggregates. Chaperone expression was induced at the indicated time points after transfection.

Image published in: Hageman J et al. (2010)

Copyright © 2010. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

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