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Fig. 8. ADMP establishes a self-regulatory network that controls the size of the organizer domain. Model for the ADMP-mediated self-regulatory control of organizer size. a During the onset of gastrulation ADMP and Alk2 are already robustly expressed within the organizer. This ligand-receptor pair promotes the enlargement of the organizer and expression of the organizer-specific genes. At this stage, the expression of chordin is low. b With the progression of gastrulation, the expression of ADMP continues to increase, thus allowing the diffusion or shuttling of ADMP to lateral regions flanking the organizer. c In the lateral marginal zone (LMZ), the ALK1 receptor is expressed and the ADMP/ALK1 ligand-receptor pair prevents further expansion of the organizer

Image published in: Leibovich A et al. (2018)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © Fainsod et al. 2018

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