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Fig. 3. Genomic organization of vertebrate pou3f loci. Genomic organization and gene synteny comparisons of vertebrate pou3f1, pou3f2, pou3f3, and pou3f4 genes. Dotted lines represent chromosome loci in the genomes of human (Homo sapiens, Hs), chicken (Gallus gallus, Gg), Western clawed frogs (Xenopus tropicalus, Xt), zebrafish (Danio rerio, Dr), medaka (Oryzias latipes, Ol), Japanese puffers (Takifugu rubripes, Tr), and spotted gars (Lepisosteus oculatus, Lo). Genes are shown as colored pentagon arrows, with the transcriptional orientation of a given gene locus being indicated by the direction of the arrow. When a pou3f paralog is not found in a given species, the pentagon is white. Gene loci are named according to the nomenclature used in human and orthologs in the different species are shown in identical colors. Gene paralogs are indicated by letters. Bold black lines between polygons mark changes in genetic linkage and hence in gene synteny relative to the situation in the human genome.

Image published in: Cosse-Etchepare C et al. (2018)

Copyright © 2018. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher, University of the Basque Country Press.

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