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Figure 2: Loss of Kmt2d affects Xenopus heart morphology at tadpole stages. Embryos were injected at the 4-cell stage into one dorsal blastomere with 2.5 ng MO (Kmt2d or the 5 bp mismatch control) in combination with 100 pg LacZ RNA. At stage 42 MHC expression was analyzed by in situ hybridization. Injected side of embryos (blue ß-galactosidase staining) is marked with an asterisk; all embryos are shown from the ventral side. A Uninjected control embryo. B Embryo injected with the mismatch MO (mis). C,D Embryo injected with the Kmt2d MO (MO) showing a reduction in heart size and defects in chamber formation. Arrow in D marks the heart. E Magnification of the heart of the control embryo shown in A. F Magnification of the heart of the Kmt2d morphant embryo shown in D. Dashed line separates the staining in the heart from the staining in the jaw muscle. G Histological sagittal section of the control heart shown in A. The section is orientated like the embryo seen in A. The two atria and the ventricle can be distinguished. H Section through the heart region of the mismatch control embryo shown in B. The two atria and ventricle are visible. I Section through the Kmt2d morphant heart seen in D. Arrowhead indicates the tubelike heart. J Graph summarizing the defects in heart morphology assessed by MHC in situ hybridization of three independent experiments; standard errors of the means and the number of analyzed embryos are indicated for each column. ** P-value in a Student’s t-test < 0.01. Abbreviations: (a) atrium, (e) eye, (jm) jaw muscle, (ra) right atrium, (la) left atrium, (v) ventricle. Scale bars indicate different magnifications for AD, compared to E,F or G-I, respectively.

Image published in: Schwenty-Lara J et al. (2019)

Copyright © 2019. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons.

myh6.Lmuzak, muz, MHC-alpha, MHCalpha, ck231, aMHC, MHCa, MHC, XCMHCX.laevisThroughout NF stage 42heart
cardiac atrium
outflow tract
jaw muscle

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