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Figure 8. A model showing how Clk2 promotes the formation of anterior and posterior neural tissue in Xenopus embryos. Inhibition of BMP signal at the dorsal side of embryos is required for neuroectoderm formation. FGF signal promotes neural tissue formation by suppressing BMP signal through MAPK‐mediated Smad linker domain phosphorylation and subsequent proteasomal degradation. During early development, clk2 is expressed in the neural plate and promotes both anterior and posterior neural development. Clk2 induces anterior neural tissue by suppressing the level of p‐Smad1/5/8 in the ectoderm. In addition, Clk2 enhances FGF‐induced MAPK activation which is important for neural fate specification and posteriorization. Green indicates the neural plate, and brown represents the epidermis. A, anterior; D, dorsal; P, posterior; V, ventral.

Image published in: Virgirinia RP et al. (2019)

Copyright © 2019. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons.

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