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Fig. 5. XProfilin2 regulates cell behavior responsible for convergent extension movement. (A) Overexpression (2 ng RNA) or depletion of XProfilin2 (70 ng MO) inhibit convergent extension in Keller explants and dominant negative Dishevelled (Xdd1, 2 ng) is used as a positive control. The effects of the XProfilin2 MO are rescued by co-expression of δN-XProfilin2. (B) Quantitation of the Keller explants. The elongation of explants was measured using ImageJ and the values were expressed relative to that of the uninjected control sample (C). Overexpression (2 ng RNA) or depletion of XProfilin2 (70 ng MO) impairs polarization, elongation and mediolateral alignment of dorsal mesodermal cells undergoing convergent extension movement similar to expression of Xdd1 (2 ng). The induced defects in cell behaviors by XProfilin2 MO are rescued by co-expression of δN-XProfilin2 but not δN-XProfilin1 and the control MO has no effects. The orientation of the explants is shown in the upper right; anterior, posterior and left and right lateral. (D and E) Quantification of the effects of XProfilin2 on cell polarization, elongation and mediolateral alignment. Numbers of cells examined are shown at the top of each bar. Average angular deviation is the average deviation of the angular orientation of the length of cells along the midline.

Image published in: Khadka DK et al. (2009)

Copyright © 2009. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

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