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FIG. 9. Suppression of early neural markers in embryos injected with delta XFGFR-4a mRNA. In each panel, a pair of uninjected (left) and injected (right) embryos at stage 20 is shown. (A) Expression of Nrp-1. (B) Expression of BF-1. (C) Expression of Rx-1. (D) Expression of En-2. White arrows in (B) and (D) point to the respective site of marker expression in uninjected embryos.

Image published in: Hongo I et al. (1999)

Copyright © 1999. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

nrp1.LA5 antigen, np-1, neuropilin-1, nrp, npn-1, nrp-1, neuropilin, pNPG152X.laevisThroughout NF stage 20eye
eye primordium
optic vesicle
neural tube
foxg1XBF-1, foxg1b, bf1, XBf1XenopusThroughout NF stage 20anterior neural tube
raxrx1, Xrx1, Xrax, Rx2A, rx, rx1a, rax-a, rax1, Xrx1A, rax-b, rx-1XenopusThroughout NF stage 20eye primordium
optic vesicle
en2engrailed homolog 2, En-2, engrailed-2, engrailed 2, eng2, xen2, maben, en2-a, en2-bXenopusThroughout NF stage 20 

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