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Fig. 1. Rfx2 is expressed in ciliated tissues. (A) Early expression of Rfx2 in epidermis. (B) Rfx2 is expressed in the neural plate. Dorsal view. (B′) (C) Sagittal sections showed that Rfx2 is expressed in the gastrocoel roof plate (GRP) (arrows). BP: blastopore. (D) Transverse section view revealed robust Rfx2 expression in the neural tube. (E) Rfx2 is expressed in the neural tube. Dorsal view. (F) Rfx2 is expressed in otic vesicles and kidneys. (G) Punctate expression of Rfx2 in the epidermis. (H) Closer view of epidermal Rfx2 expression in (G). (I) Epidermal ciliated cells are observed by staining with α-tubulin. Ciliated cells are co-localized with Rfx2 in situ pattern in (H).

Image published in: Chung MI et al. (2012)

Copyright © 2012. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

rfx2.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 12epidermis outer layer
rfx2.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 14neural plate
gastrocoel roof plate
rfx2.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 17neural tube
rfx2.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 22neural tube
otic placode
rfx2.SX.laevisThroughout NF stage 28optic vesicle
otic placode
spinal cord
pronephric kidney
tuba8.Stubal2X.laevisThroughout NF stage 12epidermis outer layer

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