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Figure 3. Remobilized Tol2 transposons are transmitted through the germline and result in novel GFP expression patterns. Fluorescent photomicrographs of sibling GFP-positive tadpoles from the outcross of remobilized frog 12M2♀5. (a) The parental integration pattern (hbr) is shown in the tadpole on the left (anterior facing upper left) and the novel GFP expression pattern is shown on the right (jovan heat, joh; anterior facing lower right). The tadpoles were oriented to juxtapose the kidneys for comparison of the different levels of GFP expression in the kidneys of the two lines. Note the intense GFP expression in the kidney of the joh tadpole (white arrow) compared to the kidney of the hbr tadpole (white arrowhead). (b) Representative GFP expression patterns from the outcross of 12M2♀5. Left column shows tadpoles (stage 48) with the parental (hbr) GFP expression pattern. Four novel transposon insertion sites were identified in the progeny of 12M2♀5 and were named jovan heat (joh), brut (bru), centaure (cen) and follique (fol). Each of the novel integration events has a subtle difference in the resulting GFP expression pattern. All tadpoles are oriented with the anterior facing towards the lower right corner of each panel.

Image published in: Yergeau DA et al. (2010)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. Copyright ©2010 Yergeau et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

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