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Fig. 7. Osr1/Osr2 can repress bmp4 expression. (A) GR-mOsr1 RNA (750 pg) was injected into both dorsal-vegetal cells at the eight-cell stage and embryos were dexamethasone treated at stage 20 to induce the construct and analyzed at stage 34/35 for expression of the indicated genes. Insets show ventral views of wnt2b expression. (B) The X. laevis bmp4 promoter construct, showing two putative odd-skipped-binding sites. Green sequence indicates consensus odd skipped-binding site, red sequence is the exact bmp4 promoter sequence, and mutations to these sites are shown below indicated by ‘δ’ and in black. (C) RNA (750 pg) encoding Xenopus, mouse or Drosophila Osr factors was co-injected with the –2123 bmp4: luciferase reporter at the 32-cell stage and luciferase activity was assayed at stage 12. Average relative activity ±s.d. (D) Xenopus Osr1 or Osr2 RNA (750 pg) was co-injected with the wild-type bmp4 reporter or the mutated reporter constructs indicated in B, and the resulting average fold repression ±s.d., of the luciferase reporter from three independent experiments was determined. *P<0.005.

Image published in: Rankin SA et al. (2012)

Copyright © 2012. Image reproduced on Xenbase with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

bmp4.L XBMP-4, bmp-4, xbmp4, bone morphogenetic protein-4, zyme, bmp2b, ofc11, bmp2b1, DVR-4, bmp4-a, bmp4-bX.laevisSometime during NF stage 33 and 34 to NF stage 35 and 36brain
intermediate mesoderm
lateral plate mesoderm
otic vesicle
splanchnic layer of lateral plate mesoderm
liver diverticulum
pharyngeal arch
msx1.L hox7, hox-7, msx-1, Xmsx-1, xmsx1, Xhox-7.1, msx1-a, msx1-bX.laevisSometime during NF stage 33 and 34 to NF stage 35 and 36lateral plate mesoderm
mouth primordium
spinal cord
otic vesicle
hand1.L eHand, hand-1X.laevisSometime during NF stage 33 and 34 to NF stage 35 and 36heart
lateral plate mesoderm
pharyngeal region
wnt2b.L Xwnt-2b, xwnt2b, wnt-2b, wnt2b-a, wnt2b-bX.laevisSometime during NF stage 33 and 34 to NF stage 35 and 36 
nkx2-1.L ttf1, nkx2.1, titf1, Xnkx-2.1, xnkx2-1X.laevisSometime during NF stage 33 and 34 to NF stage 35 and 36 

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