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Fig. 4. Example of clones giving rise to alteration in Xbra and Xmyf-5 expression. Vegetal and lateral views of embryos at the mid-gastrula stage (stage 11) stained for the expression of Xbra (A) and Xmyf-5 (B) (purple) by whole mount in situ hybridization. Embryos were injected at two cell stage into one side of marginal zone with 400 pg of clone mRNA along with 130 pg Lac-Z mRNA. Embryos were stained with X-gal (blue). Alterations in Xbra expression included inhibition, TGas131g15 (Msx1); shift, TNeu008i12 (Tbx6); and expansion to animal pole, TNeu118f24 (Lyn tyrosine kinase). Alterations of Xmyf-5 expression included inhibition, TGas131g15 (Msx1); expansion to dorsal lip, TNeu047o15 (Ga-11 protein); shift, TNeu008i12 (Tbx6), and expansion to ventral side, TNeu118f24 (Lyn tyrosine kinase).

Image published in: Chen JA et al. (2005)

Copyright © 2005. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, Elsevier B. V.

tbxtXbra, X-bra, bra, Xbrachyury, brachyury, ntl, t-a, t-b, tX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 11mesoderm
myf5Xmyf5, Xmyf-5, myf-5X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 11dorso-lateral marginal zone

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