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Fig. 4. Induction experiments in XTRAP-γ MO-injected animal caps. Two-cell stage embryos were injected with 40 ng/embryo XTRAP-γ MO. All animal caps were treated with activin/ retinoic acid for 3 h. (A,B) For light microscopy, semi-thin sections were stained with 0.1% toluidine blue solution. (A) Pronephros differentiation was markedly inhibited by XTRAP-γ MO (arrow indicates muscle tissues) compared with (B) animal caps of the control (arrowhead indicates pronephros tissues). (C,D,E) For electron microscopy, ultra-thin sections were double stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate. Only samples injected with XTRAP-γ MO are shown (C,D). The results show the condensation of mesodermal cells and a radial arrange- Fig. 5. Whole-mount in situ hybridization shows the effect on expression of pronephros marker genes XTRAP-γ MO injection. Embryos were injected with XTRAP- γ MO (40 ng) or 5-mis-XTRAP-γ MO (40 ng) and synthetic of β-galactosidase mRNA (250 ng), then fixed at stage 30/31 (A-P) and stage 22/23 (Q-T). Expression of Lim-1 was increased in the side of embryos injected with XTRAP-γ MO (A), compared the non-injected side (B). Expression of Pax-2 and Wnt-4 was inhibited by injection of XTRAP- γ MO (E,I), compared with noninjected side (F,J). For those embryos fixed at stage 22/23, expression of Pax-2 (Q) and Wnt-4 (S) in embryos fixed at stage 22/23 was not affected by injection of XTRAP- γ MO or the control 5-mis-XTRAP- γ MO (R,T). Expression of Pax-8 was not affected by XTRAP-γ MO (M,N). The expression of Lim-1 (C,D), Pax-2 (G,H), Wnt-4 (K,L) and Pax-8 (O,P) was unchanged in embryos injected with 5-mis- XTRAP-γ MO.The cells with the basal membrane (arrows), however the unique pronephric cells with microvillus was invisible. (E) Muscle differentiation was normal. Ld, lipid droplet; Yg, yolk granule. Scale bar of (A,B) is 100 μm; scale bar of (C,D) is 1 μm; scale bar of (E) is 5 μm.

Image published in: Li DH et al. (2005)

Copyright © 2005. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher, University of the Basque Country Press.

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