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Figure 2. Inter-relationships of pronephric kidney tissues and structures, their developmental timing, and curated data. A. The developmental timing of a Xenopus anatomical entity (blue fill) is asserted by starts_during and ends_during relationships to specific embryonic stages (green fill), demonstrated here by the 'pronephric kidney�(yellow fill). B. Ontological assertions about developmental timing place constraints on data curation. Expression of the gene slc12a1 in a NF stage 37/38 embryo (assayed by fluorescent in situ hybridization; XB-IMG-2158) is evident in 'early distal tubule�. C. Expression of slc5a1.2 in a NF stage 37/38 embryo (assayed via in situ hybridization; XB-IMG-2348) is recorded by curators as taking place in the 'early proximal tubule� and 'late proximal tubule�. Intermediate NF stages have been omitted for simplicity. Relationship types (colored arrows): is_a (black), part_of (blue), develops_from (purple), starts_during (green), ends_during (red), preceded_by (orange). Images (B) by P. Vize, and (C) by Zhou & Vize [16], used with permission, �Elsevier (2004).

Image published in: Segerdell E et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. Copyright ©2013 Segerdell et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

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