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Figure 3. The Major Axial Vessels Are Normal and Adult Hemangioblasts Are Specified in ETO2 Morphants(A) The endothelial markers CD31, AA4, and Tie2 are expressed normally in the axial vessels of Eto2 morphants (Eto2-MO and Eto2-MO2), revealing the DA (red arrowhead), the PCV (black arrow), and the trunk vasculature (yellow arrow).(B) Abnormal expression of Flk1 in Eto2 morphant DA at stage 39 (red arrowhead), as a consequence of the absence of Notch1. Blue arrowhead: notochord.(C) Specification of adult hemangioblasts is unaffected in ETO2-deficient embryos. Scl is expressed normally at stages 26 in the DLP, primitive erythroid cells, and neurons in Eto2 morphants (Eto2-MO and Eto2-MO2, green, blue, and orange arrowheads, respectively). Flk1 is also expressed normally in the DLP and trunk endothelium of Eto2 morphants (green and blue arrowheads, respectively).Numbers in the bottom right of the panels denote the number of embryos as shown in the panel out of the total examined. Whole mounts are shown with anterior to the left and dorsal to the top. Sections are in transverse orientation with dorsal to the top.(D) Schematic diagram depicting the succession of events leading to HSC specification and the requirement for ETO2. The earliest defect in Eto2 morphants is the loss of Notch1 expression. Molecular markers analyzed in this study are indicated for each stage of development shown.See also Figures S2B–S2D and S4.

Image published in: Leung A et al. (2013)

Image downloaded from an Open Access article in PubMed Central. © 2013 ELL & Excerpta Medica.

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