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Fig. 5. Further analysis of noggin injected animal caps. (A) Stage 24 embryos stained with the antl-HNK-1 monoclonal antibody which marks primary neurons. Anterior is at the top of the panel. (B) At the same early neurula stage, noggin injected animal caps are negative for the anti-HNK-1 epitope. (C) Uninjected animal caps are also negative with the anti-HNK-1 antibody. (D) Whole embryos at the late tailbud stage stained with the monoclonal antibody 6F11 that recognizes an NCAM antigen and marks neural tissue. (E) Noggin injected animal caps react positively with 6F11 across most if not all of the animal cap showing that noggin injection results in the animal cap acquiring a neural fate. (F) Uninjected animal caps are negative with the 6F11 antibody. (G,H,I) Sections through the samples shown in O,E and F respectively. 6F11 is seen throughout the injected animal cap explant but is strongest in the superficial cells, though this may be due to difficulties in antibody penetration in the whole-mount sample. There is little difference in the morphology of the animal caps in noggin injected (H) and uninjected (!) animal caps. (J) Late tailbud embryos stained with the somite marker 12/101. (K) Noggin injected animal caps do not express the antigen recognized by 12/101 confirming that noggin can neuralize animal caps without inducing the formation of mesoderm (LI Uninjected animal caps do not express the 12/101 antigen. Bars in A and for the other whole embryos, 1.3 mm; In B and the other intact animal caps, 0.25 mm; in G, 0.33 mm and in H, 0.06 mm.

Image published in: Goldstone K and Sharpe CR (1998)

Copyright © 1998. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher, University of the Basque Country Press.

b3gat1l.Lnk1, cd57, hnk1, hnk-1, leu7, nk-1, glcatp, glcuatpX.laevisThroughout NF stage 24 
ncam1.Sncam, n-cam, ncam1-b, ncam1-a, n-cam-1X.laevisThroughout NF stage 24spinal cord

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