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Summary Literature (5)
Literature for DOID 10908: hydrocephalus

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Ciliogenesis and cerebrospinal fluid flow in the developing Xenopus brain are regulated by foxj1., Hagenlocher C,Walentek P,M Ller C,Thumberger T,Feistel K, Cilia. September 24, 2013; 2(1):2046-2530.
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The FOXJ1 target Cfap206 is required for sperm motility, mucociliary clearance of the airways and brain development., Beckers A,Adis C,Schuster-Gossler K,Tveriakhina L,Ott T,Fuhl F,Hegermann J,Boldt K,Serth K,Rachev E,Alten L,Kremmer E,Ueffing M,Blum M,Gossler A, Development. January 1, 2020; 147(21):1477-9129.
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