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Summary Literature (6)
Literature for DOID 5419: schizophrenia

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The Wnt-dependent signaling pathways as target in oncology drug discovery., Janssens N,Janicot M,Perera T, Invest New Drugs. July 1, 2006; 24(4):0167-6997.
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In vitro and in vivo characterization of Lu AA41178: A novel, brain penetrant, pan-selective Kv7 potassium channel opener with efficacy in preclinical models of epileptic seizures and psychiatric disorders., Grupe M,Bentzen BH,Benned-Jensen T,Nielsen V,Frederiksen K,Jensen HS,Jacobsen AM,Skibsbye L,Sams AG,Grunnet M,Rottländer M,Bastlund JF, Eur J Pharmacol. July 31, 2020; :1879-0712.
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