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Summary Literature (8)
DOID:0050735 - X-linked disease

Disease Ontology Definition:A monogenic disease that has_material_basis_in muations in genes on the X chromosome.


In Mondo Disease Ontology:
MONDO:0000425 - X-linked disease

Human Disease Resources: Disease Ontology, EMBL-EBI, OLSVis tree view, Ontobee

Xenbase Genes : pou3f4, rps6ka3, il1rapl1, arx, sox3, slc9a7, nr0b1, smpx, cnksr2, rab39b, mecp2, ndp, dmd.2, porcn, agtr2, [+]

Other Model Organisms: AGR, MGI, ZFIN, FlyBase, WormBase, RGD
Parent(s): monogenic disease (is_a)