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Expression Image Template

Fill out the template below with one record per image. An explanation of each field is provided below. When complete please package this template file with your images and use the submission tool located here.

Please note: The first three records in the template are for example purposes only, and can be deleted.

Download Expression Image Template as: Open Document Format, Tab-separated values, Excel

Template Fields

FILENAME (Required): Image filename, preceded by file path of any folders that are unique to this image. Ex. If all images are stored in C:Images, then only the filename is required. If images are subdivided in to folders by clone, then the clone folder name is required.
NCBI_ACCESSION: NCBI accession name of the cDNA clone used to create the probe for this in situ image.
SYMBOL: Symbol for the gene under investigation in this expression study.
SPECIES (Required): Species of the specimen in the image. Value must be either 'Xl' or 'Xt'.
STAGE: Nieuwkoop and Faber developmental stage at which the image was taken.
ANATOMY: A comma delimited list of all anatomy items for which expression is visible in this image. The anatomy terms should be valid Anatomy Ontology terms.
VIEW: Specimen view displayed in the image. Ex. lateral, dorsal etc.
SECTIONAL: Indicates if the specimen in the image is a whole organism or has been sectioned or dissect. Value must be 'Whole' or 'Section'.
ASSAY (Required): Assay type being used in the image: In situ hybridization (ISH), Immunohistochemistry (IHC), or other.