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    There was an error in your search value for Xenbase Accession

The following is an example list of valid Xenbase Accessions:

  • XB-GENE-478053 (Gene Page)
  • XB-CLONE-6095230 (Clone Page)
  • XB-ART-35521 (Article Page)
  • XB-PERS-702 (Person Page)
  • XB-LAB-23 (Lab Page)
  • XB-ORG-57 (Organization Page)
  • XB-JOB-41 (Job Page)
  • XB-IMG-82 (Image Page)
  • XB-LIB-63 (Library Page)
  • XB-VEC-1221318 (Vector Page)
  • XB-ANAT-36 (Anatomy Item Page)
  • XB-ANTIBODY-14574796 (Antibody Page)
  • XB-MORPHOLINO-17249343 (Morpholino Page)
  • XB-ORF-17262615 (ORFeome Page)
  • XB-LINE-813 (Stockcentre Line Page)
  • XB-STRAIN-193 (Stockcentre Strain Page)
  • XB-TRANSGENE-17314476 (Stockcentre Transgene Page)
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