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Controlling the material properties and rRNA processing function of the nucleolus using light., Zhu L, Richardson TM, Wacheul L, Wei MT, Feric M, Whitney G, Lafontaine DLJ, Brangwynne CP., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 1, 2019; 116 (35): 17330-17335.

Coexisting Liquid Phases Underlie Nucleolar Subcompartments., Feric M, Vaidya N, Harmon TS, Mitrea DM, Zhu L, Richardson TM, Kriwacki RW, Pappu RV, Brangwynne CP., Cell. June 16, 2016; 165 (7): 1686-97.

Soft viscoelastic properties of nuclear actin age oocytes due to gravitational creep., Feric M, Broedersz CP, Brangwynne CP., Sci Rep. September 21, 2015; 5 16607.            

Phase transitions and size scaling of membrane-less organelles., Brangwynne CP., J Cell Biol. December 23, 2013; 203 (6): 875-81.          

A nuclear F-actin scaffold stabilizes ribonucleoprotein droplets against gravity in large cells., Feric M, Brangwynne CP., Nat Cell Biol. October 1, 2013; 15 (10): 1253-9.        

Beyond stereospecificity: liquids and mesoscale organization of cytoplasm., Hyman AA, Brangwynne CP., Dev Cell. July 19, 2011; 21 (1): 14-6.

Active liquid-like behavior of nucleoli determines their size and shape in Xenopus laevis oocytes., Brangwynne CP, Mitchison TJ, Hyman AA., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. March 15, 2011; 108 (11): 4334-9.    

Centrosome size sets mitotic spindle length in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos., Greenan G, Brangwynne CP, Jaensch S, Gharakhani J, J├╝licher F, Hyman AA., Curr Biol. February 23, 2010; 20 (4): 353-8.

A novel small-molecule inhibitor reveals a possible role of kinesin-5 in anastral spindle-pole assembly., Groen AC, Needleman D, Brangwynne C, Gradinaru C, Fowler B, Mazitschek R, Mitchison TJ., J Cell Sci. July 15, 2008; 121 (Pt 14): 2293-300.

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