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Ginkgolide B and bilobalide block the pore of the 5-HT₃receptor at a location that overlaps the picrotoxin binding site., Thompson AJ, Jarvis GE, Duke RK, Johnston GA, Lummis SC., Neuropharmacology. 60 (2-3): 488-95.        

GABAA receptor cysteinyl mutants and the ginkgo terpenoid lactones bilobalide and ginkgolides., Ng CC, Duke RK, Hinton T, Johnston GA., Eur J Pharmacol. April 15, 2016; 777 136-46.

Modulation of ionotropic GABA receptors by 6-methoxyflavanone and 6-methoxyflavone., Hall BJ, Karim N, Chebib M, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR., Neurochem Res. June 1, 2014; 39 (6): 1068-78.

GABAA receptors containing ρ1 subunits contribute to in vivo effects of ethanol in mice., Blednov YA, Benavidez JM, Black M, Leiter CR, Osterndorff-Kahanek E, Johnson D, Borghese CM, Hanrahan JR, Johnston GA, Chebib M, Harris RA., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (1): e85525.                    

Potency of GABA at human recombinant GABA(A) receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes: a mini review., Karim N, Wellendorph P, Absalom N, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., Amino Acids. April 1, 2013; 44 (4): 1139-49.

Mixed antagonistic effects of the ginkgolides at recombinant human ρ1 GABAC receptors., Huang SH, Lewis TM, Lummis SC, Thompson AJ, Chebib M, Johnston GA, Duke RK., Neuropharmacology. November 1, 2012; 63 (6): 1127-39.                      

Differentiating enantioselective actions of GABOB: a possible role for threonine 244 in the binding site of GABA(C) ρ(1) receptors., Yamamoto I, Absalom N, Carland JE, Doddareddy MR, Gavande N, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., ACS Chem Neurosci. September 19, 2012; 3 (9): 665-73.

Low nanomolar GABA effects at extrasynaptic α4β1/β3δ GABA(A) receptor subtypes indicate a different binding mode for GABA at these receptors., Karim N, Wellendorph P, Absalom N, Bang LH, Jensen ML, Hansen MM, Lee HJ, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., Biochem Pharmacol. August 15, 2012; 84 (4): 549-57.

A single amino acid determines the toxicity of Ginkgo biloba extracts., Thompson AJ, McGonigle I, Duke R, Johnston GA, Lummis SC., FASEB J. May 1, 2012; 26 (5): 1884-91.                    

Structurally diverse GABA antagonists interact differently with open and closed conformational states of the ρ1 receptor., Yamamoto I, Carland JE, Locock K, Gavande N, Absalom N, Hanrahan JR, Allan RD, Johnston GA, Chebib M., ACS Chem Neurosci. April 18, 2012; 3 (4): 293-301.

2''-Methoxy-6-methylflavone: a novel anxiolytic and sedative with subtype selective activating and modulating actions at GABA(A) receptors., Karim N, Curmi J, Gavande N, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Tierney ML, Chebib M., Br J Pharmacol. February 1, 2012; 165 (4): 880-96.

Flavan-3-ol esters: new agents for exploring modulatory sites on GABA(A) receptors., Fernandez SP, Karim N, Mewett KN, Chebib M, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR., Br J Pharmacol. February 1, 2012; 165 (4): 965-77.

3-Hydroxy-2''-methoxy-6-methylflavone: a potent anxiolytic with a unique selectivity profile at GABA(A) receptor subtypes., Karim N, Gavande N, Wellendorph P, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., Biochem Pharmacol. December 15, 2011; 82 (12): 1971-83.

Identification of benzopyran-4-one derivatives (isoflavones) as positive modulators of GABA(A) receptors., Gavande N, Karim N, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., ChemMedChem. August 1, 2011; 6 (8): 1340-6, 1317.

Naringin directly activates inwardly rectifying potassium channels at an overlapping binding site to tertiapin-Q., Yow TT, Pera E, Absalom N, Heblinski M, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M., Br J Pharmacol. July 1, 2011; 163 (5): 1017-33.

Guanidino acids act as rho1 GABA(C) receptor antagonists., Chebib M, Gavande N, Wong KY, Park A, Premoli I, Mewett KN, Allan RD, Duke RK, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR., Neurochem Res. October 1, 2009; 34 (10): 1704-11.

GABA analogues derived from 4-aminocyclopent-1-enecarboxylic acid., Locock KE, Johnston GA, Allan RD., Neurochem Res. October 1, 2009; 34 (10): 1698-703.

Novel, potent, and selective GABAC antagonists inhibit myopia development and facilitate learning and memory., Chebib M, Hinton T, Schmid KL, Brinkworth D, Qian H, Matos S, Kim HL, Abdel-Halim H, Kumar RJ, Johnston GA, Hanrahan JR., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. February 1, 2009; 328 (2): 448-57.

Flavan-3-ol derivatives are positive modulators of GABA(A) receptors with higher efficacy for the alpha(2) subtype and anxiolytic action in mice., Fernandez SP, Mewett KN, Hanrahan JR, Chebib M, Johnston GA., Neuropharmacology. October 1, 2008; 55 (5): 900-7.

Novel gamma-aminobutyric acid rho1 receptor antagonists; synthesis, pharmacological activity and structure-activity relationships., Kumar RJ, Chebib M, Hibbs DE, Kim HL, Johnston GA, Salam NK, Hanrahan JR., J Med Chem. July 10, 2008; 51 (13): 3825-40.

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