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The two-pore domain potassium channel, TWIK-1, has a role in the regulation of heart rate and atrial size., Christensen AH, Chatelain FC, Huttner IG, Olesen MS, Soka M, Feliciangeli S, Horvat C, Santiago CF, Vandenberg JI, Schmitt N, Olesen SP, Lesage F, Fatkin D., J Mol Cell Cardiol. January 1, 2016; 97 24-35.

Tandem pore domain halothane-inhibited K+ channel subunits THIK1 and THIK2 assemble and form active channels., Blin S, Chatelain FC, Feliciangeli S, Kang D, Lesage F, Bichet D., J Biol Chem. October 10, 2014; 289 (41): 28202-12.

Synthesis and structure-activity relationship study of substituted caffeate esters as antinociceptive agents modulating the TREK-1 channel., Rodrigues N, Bennis K, Vivier D, Pereira V, C Chatelain F, Chapuy E, Deokar H, Busserolles J, Lesage F, Eschalier A, Ducki S., Eur J Med Chem. March 21, 2014; 75 391-402.

Silencing of the tandem pore domain halothane-inhibited K+ channel 2 (THIK2) relies on combined intracellular retention and low intrinsic activity at the plasma membrane., Chatelain FC, Bichet D, Feliciangeli S, Larroque MM, Braud VM, Douguet D, Lesage F., J Biol Chem. December 6, 2013; 288 (49): 35081-92.

TWIK1, a unique background channel with variable ion selectivity., Chatelain FC, Bichet D, Douguet D, Feliciangeli S, Bendahhou S, Reichold M, Warth R, Barhanin J, Lesage F., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 3, 2012; 109 (14): 5499-504.

Extracellular acidification exerts opposite actions on TREK1 and TREK2 potassium channels via a single conserved histidine residue., Sandoz G, Douguet D, Chatelain F, Lazdunski M, Lesage F., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 25, 2009; 106 (34): 14628-33.

Mtap2 is a constituent of the protein network that regulates twik-related K+ channel expression and trafficking., Sandoz G, Tardy MP, Thümmler S, Feliciangeli S, Lazdunski M, Lesage F., J Neurosci. August 20, 2008; 28 (34): 8545-52.

Does sumoylation control K2P1/TWIK1 background K+ channels?, Feliciangeli S, Bendahhou S, Sandoz G, Gounon P, Reichold M, Warth R, Lazdunski M, Barhanin J, Lesage F., Cell. August 10, 2007; 130 (3): 563-9.

AKAP150, a switch to convert mechano-, pH- and arachidonic acid-sensitive TREK K(+) channels into open leak channels., Sandoz G, Thümmler S, Duprat F, Feliciangeli S, Vinh J, Escoubas P, Guy N, Lazdunski M, Lesage F., EMBO J. December 13, 2006; 25 (24): 5864-72.

Direct interaction with a nuclear protein and regulation of gene silencing by a variant of the Ca2+-channel beta 4 subunit., Hibino H, Pironkova R, Onwumere O, Rousset M, Charnet P, Hudspeth AJ, Lesage F., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 7, 2003; 100 (1): 307-12.

Genomic and functional characteristics of novel human pancreatic 2P domain K(+) channels., Girard C, Duprat F, Terrenoire C, Tinel N, Fosset M, Romey G, Lazdunski M, Lesage F., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. March 23, 2001; 282 (1): 249-56.

TASK (TWIK-related acid-sensitive K+ channel) is expressed in glomerulosa cells of rat adrenal cortex and inhibited by angiotensin II., Czirják G, Fischer T, Spät A, Lesage F, Enyedi P., Mol Endocrinol. June 1, 2000; 14 (6): 863-74.

TREK-1 is a heat-activated background K(+) channel., Maingret F, Lauritzen I, Patel AJ, Heurteaux C, Reyes R, Lesage F, Lazdunski M, Honoré E., EMBO J. June 1, 2000; 19 (11): 2483-91.

Cloning of a new mouse two-P domain channel subunit and a human homologue with a unique pore structure., Salinas M, Reyes R, Lesage F, Fosset M, Heurteaux C, Romey G, Lazdunski M., J Biol Chem. April 23, 1999; 274 (17): 11751-60.

A neuronal two P domain K+ channel stimulated by arachidonic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids., Fink M, Lesage F, Duprat F, Heurteaux C, Reyes R, Fosset M, Lazdunski M., EMBO J. June 15, 1998; 17 (12): 3297-308.

TASK, a human background K+ channel to sense external pH variations near physiological pH., Duprat F, Lesage F, Fink M, Reyes R, Heurteaux C, Lazdunski M., EMBO J. September 1, 1997; 16 (17): 5464-71.

The structure, function and distribution of the mouse TWIK-1 K+ channel., Lesage F, Lauritzen I, Duprat F, Reyes R, Fink M, Heurteaux C, Lazdunski M., FEBS Lett. January 27, 1997; 402 (1): 28-32.

Cloning, functional expression and brain localization of a novel unconventional outward rectifier K+ channel., Fink M, Duprat F, Lesage F, Reyes R, Romey G, Heurteaux C, Lazdunski M., EMBO J. December 16, 1996; 15 (24): 6854-62.

Dimerization of TWIK-1 K+ channel subunits via a disulfide bridge., Lesage F, Reyes R, Fink M, Duprat F, Guillemare E, Lazdunski M., EMBO J. December 2, 1996; 15 (23): 6400-7.

K(V)LQT1 and lsK (minK) proteins associate to form the I(Ks) cardiac potassium current., Barhanin J, Lesage F, Guillemare E, Fink M, Lazdunski M, Romey G., Nature. November 7, 1996; 384 (6604): 78-80.

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