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Xenopus Pkdcc1 and Pkdcc2 Are Two New Tyrosine Kinases Involved in the Regulation of JNK Dependent Wnt/PCP Signaling Pathway., Vitorino M, Silva AC, Inácio JM, Ramalho JS, Gur M, Fainsod A, Steinbeisser H, Belo JA., PLoS One. January 1, 2015; 10 (8): e0135504.                                    

Expression pattern of zcchc24 during early Xenopus development., Vitorino M, Correia E, Serralheiro AR, De-Jesus AC, Inácio JM, Belo JA., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2014; 58 (1): 45-50.                    

Characterization of Cer-1 cis-regulatory region during early Xenopus development., Silva AC, Filipe M, Steinbeisser H, Belo JA., Dev Genes Evol. May 1, 2011; 221 (1): 29-41.

Generating asymmetries in the early vertebrate embryo: the role of the Cerberus-like family., Belo JA, Silva AC, Borges AC, Filipe M, Bento M, Gonçalves L, Vitorino M, Salgueiro AM, Texeira V, Tavares AT, Marques S., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2009; 53 (8-10): 1399-407.

Comparative expression of mouse and chicken Shisa homologues during early development., Filipe M, Gonçalves L, Bento M, Silva AC, Belo JA., Dev Dyn. September 1, 2006; 235 (9): 2567-73.

Developmental expression of Shisa-2 in Xenopus laevis., Silva AC, Filipe M, Vitorino M, Steinbeisser H, Belo JA., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2006; 50 (6): 575-9.      

Identification of alternative promoter usage for the matrix Gla protein gene. Evidence for differential expression during early development in Xenopus laevis., Conceição N, Silva AC, Fidalgo J, Belo JA, Cancela ML., FEBS J. March 1, 2005; 272 (6): 1501-10.

Endogenous Cerberus activity is required for anterior head specification in Xenopus., Silva AC, Filipe M, Kuerner KM, Steinbeisser H, Belo JA., Development. October 1, 2003; 130 (20): 4943-53.              

Cerberus-like is a secreted BMP and nodal antagonist not essential for mouse development., Belo JA, Bachiller D, Agius E, Kemp C, Borges AC, Marques S, Piccolo S, De Robertis EM., Genesis. April 1, 2000; 26 (4): 265-70.

Cerberus-like is a secreted factor with neutralizing activity expressed in the anterior primitive endoderm of the mouse gastrula., Belo JA, Bouwmeester T, Leyns L, Kertesz N, Gallo M, Follettie M, De Robertis EM., Mech Dev. November 1, 1997; 68 (1-2): 45-57.

Patterning by genes expressed in Spemann''s organizer., De Robertis EM, Kim S, Leyns L, Piccolo S, Bachiller D, Agius E, Belo JA, Yamamoto A, Hainski-Brousseau A, Brizuela B, Wessely O, Lu B, Bouwmeester T., Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. January 1, 1997; 62 169-75.

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