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A frog''s view of EphrinB signaling.
Hwang YS, Daar IO.
Genesis. January 1, 2017; 55 (1-2):

Neural transcription factors bias cleavage stage blastomeres to give rise to neural ectoderm.
Gaur S, Mandelbaum M, Herold M, Majumdar HD, Neilson KM, Maynard TM, Mood K, Daar IO, Moody SA.
Genesis. January 1, 2016; 54 (6): 334-49.

EphrinB2 affects apical constriction in Xenopus embryos and is regulated by ADAM10 and flotillin-1.
Ji YJ, Hwang YS, Mood K, Cho HJ, Lee HS, Winterbottom E, Cousin H, Daar IO.
Nat Commun. July 8, 2014; 5 3516.

Abelson interactor 1 (ABI1) and its interaction with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (wasp) are critical for proper eye formation in Xenopus embryos.
Singh A, Winterbottom EF, Ji YJ, Hwang YS, Daar IO.
J Biol Chem. May 17, 2013; 288 (20): 14135-46.

The Smurf ubiquitin ligases regulate tissue separation via antagonistic interactions with ephrinB1.
Hwang YS, Lee HS, Kamata T, Mood K, Cho HJ, Winterbottom E, Ji YJ, Singh A, Daar IO.
Genes Dev. March 1, 2013; 27 (5): 491-503.

Conserved structural domains in FoxD4L1, a neural forkhead box transcription factor, are required to repress or activate target genes.
Klein SL, Neilson KM, Orban J, Yaklichkin S, Hoffbauer J, Mood K, Daar IO, Moody SA.
PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (4): e61845.

Specific domains of FoxD4/5 activate and repress neural transcription factor genes to control the progression of immature neural ectoderm to differentiating neural plate.
Neilson KM, Klein SL, Mhaske P, Mood K, Daar IO, Moody SA.
Dev Biol. May 15, 2012; 365 (2): 363-75.

Small molecule inhibitors of ezrin inhibit the invasive phenotype of osteosarcoma cells.
Bulut G, Hong SH, Chen K, Beauchamp EM, Rahim S, Kosturko GW, Glasgow E, Dakshanamurthy S, Lee HS, Daar I, Toretsky JA, Khanna C, Uren A.
Oncogene. January 19, 2012; 31 (3): 269-81.

Using 32-cell stage Xenopus embryos to probe PCP signaling.
Lee HS, Sokol SY, Moody SA, Daar IO.
Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2012; 839 91-104.

Functional coupling between the extracellular matrix and nuclear lamina by Wnt signaling in progeria.
Hernandez L, Roux KJ, Wong ES, Mounkes LC, Mutalif R, Navasankari R, Rai B, Cool S, Jeong JW, Wang H, Lee HS, Kozlov S, Grunert M, Keeble T, Jones CM, Meta MD, Young SG, Daar IO, Burke B, Perantoni AO, Stewart CL.
Dev Cell. September 14, 2010; 19 (3): 413-25.

EphrinB reverse signaling in cell-cell adhesion: is it just par for the course?
Lee HS, Daar IO.
Cell Adh Migr. July 1, 2009; 3 (3): 250-5.

Fibroblast growth factor receptor-induced phosphorylation of ephrinB1 modulates its interaction with Dishevelled.
Lee HS, Mood K, Battu G, Ji YJ, Singh A, Daar IO.
Mol Biol Cell. January 1, 2009; 20 (1): 124-33.

EphrinB1 controls cell-cell junctions through the Par polarity complex.
Lee HS, Nishanian TG, Mood K, Bong YS, Daar IO.
Nat Cell Biol. August 1, 2008; 10 (8): 979-86.

ephrinB1 signals from the cell surface to the nucleus by recruitment of STAT3.
Bong YS, Lee HS, Carim-Todd L, Mood K, Nishanian TG, Tessarollo L, Daar IO.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. October 30, 2007; 104 (44): 17305-10.

Gab1 is required for cell cycle transition, cell proliferation, and transformation induced by an oncogenic met receptor.
Mood K, Saucier C, Bong YS, Lee HS, Park M, Daar IO.
Mol Biol Cell. September 1, 2006; 17 (9): 3717-28.

Oncogenic Met receptor induces ectopic structures in Xenopus embryos.
Ishimura A, Lee HS, Bong YS, Saucier C, Mood K, Park EK, Daar IO.
Oncogene. July 20, 2006; 25 (31): 4286-99.

Oncogenic Met receptor induces cell-cycle progression in Xenopus oocytes independent of direct Grb2 and Shc binding or Mos synthesis, but requires phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Raf signaling.
Mood K, Saucier C, Ishimura A, Bong YS, Lee HS, Park M, Daar IO.
J Cell Physiol. April 1, 2006; 207 (1): 271-85.

The essential vertebrate ABCE1 protein interacts with eukaryotic initiation factors.
Chen ZQ, Dong J, Ishimura A, Daar I, Hinnebusch AG, Dean M.
J Biol Chem. March 17, 2006; 281 (11): 7452-7.

Dishevelled mediates ephrinB1 signalling in the eye field through the planar cell polarity pathway.
Lee HS, Bong YS, Moore KB, Soria K, Moody SA, Daar IO.
Nat Cell Biol. January 1, 2006; 8 (1): 55-63.

KSR regulation of the Raf-MEK-ERK cascade.
Ritt DA, Daar IO, Morrison DK.
Methods Enzymol. January 1, 2006; 407 224-37.

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