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Postdoc position to study embryonic signaling, cell polarity and morphogenesis
Lab Sokol Lab Closing Date 2021-02-25
Employer Name Sokol Lab, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Posting Date 2020-12-20
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Location USA,  NY,  New York    
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Job Description

Postdoc position to study embryonic signaling, cell polarity and morphogenesis The Sokol laboratory at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, is looking for a motivated candidate to join our group as a postdoctoral associate. Our laboratory is in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Regenerative Biology, with a number of groups with highly collaborative, developmental and stem cell biology program. Besides high-quality research core facilities, career guidance and professional development training are provided for postdoctoral fellows. Our group studies how Wnt signaling pathways branch out to control cell lineage and cell movements during vertebrate gastrulation and neurulation.  We are also interested in the regulation of apicobasal and planar cell polarity during neural tissue and neural crest formation. A successful candidate will use live cell imaging and biochemical/proteomic approaches to identify new molecules regulating cell signaling and polarity in early vertebrate embryos and mammalian progenitor cells. See the description of our interests at Preference will be given to highly motivated and interactive applicants with strong background in cell biology and biochemistry.  Interested candidates may apply with their CV, a short description of relevant expertise, list of publications and the names of three references.
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