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Computational Biology (Ontology) Scientist
Lab None Closing Date 2021-01-31
Employer Name Harvard Medical School Posting Date 2021-01-07
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Location USA,  MA,  Cambridge    
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Job Description

The Center for Computational Biomedicine (CCB) in the Harvard Medical School is looking for an experienced Computational Biologist with expertise in ontologies, phenotypes and integrating large diverse datasets. The CCB is a new center whose mission is to provide computational expertise in a variety of areas including: genetics, genomics, AI/ML and image analysis. The CCB has a multi-disciplinary team of computational and quantitative scientists who work collaboratively both within the center and with members of the HMS community. This role involves developing and participating in a strategy for data acquisition and integration. Large diverse data such as insurance claims, electronic health records, epidemiological cohorts, and biobanked data have made it possible to explore methods such as PheWAS and ENWAS across different cohort data sets. The successful candidate will help develop tools and methods for mapping phenotypes and traits to ontologies and/or via machine learning approaches that integrate laboratory and drug information, thereby automating the integration of diverse data sets and enabling meta-analysis across large numbers of cohorts and phenotypes simultaneously. They will be able to work independently and collaboratively on scientific problems and deliver solutions. Basic Qualifications: - PhD in Computational Biology, Epidemiology, Genetics or a related field with substantial experience working with ontologies. - Strong communication skills. - Technical expertise in the use of and mapping of terms to ontologies. Experience with tools such as HPO, OBO, OLS, OWL, ICD, PheWAS coding, ATC drug codes, CMS Chronic Disease Warehouse, GO, PhenX toolkit, etc. - Experience analyzing genetic or genomic data at scale. - Ability to work collaboratively across different projects Additional Qualifications - Working knowledge of git or similar tools for software development. - Project management - Developing interactive short courses, tutorials etc for ontologies and computational biology - Experience with GWAS, PheWAS, ENWAS Contact:
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