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Two Postdoctoral Research Associate positions
Lab Spagnoli Lab Closing Date 2021-05-11
Employer Name Centre for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London. Posting Date 2021-03-16
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Location United Kingdom,  London    
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Job Description

Two Postdoctoral Research Associate positions (PDRA) are available in the Spagnoli lab. in the Centre for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London. Our team uses interdisciplinary approaches to study pancreatic development and stem cells. The candidates will join a Wellcome Trust-funded research programme aiming at studying the pancreatic tissue microenvironment in all its complexity using cutting-edge models. Single-cell sequencing has unveiled a high degree of cellular heterogeneity within the pancreatic microenvironment and has opened the way for a systematic study of intercellular interactions. We seek to spatially reconstruct the organisation of functional niches in the pancreas and study how they induce distinct pancreatic differentiation programmes using mouse models and human pluripotent stem cells. This will set the stage for manipulating combinatorial 3D organ niches towards engineering pancreatic cells for regenerative medicine. The research programme will require expertise in transcriptomics, high-resolution imaging, stem cell culture, human tissue, mouse genetics, computational analytical methods. Applicants should have a recent Ph.D. degree or have submitted his/her Ph.D. thesis. We wish to appoint one PDRA with background in development and stem cell biology and one PDRA with computational background interested in single-cell omics, spatial transcriptomics and image analysis. The Spagnoli lab. is a young dynamic team, member of the outstanding Centre for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London. This is a world-class research environment with all facilities essential for this ambitious research programme. Interested candidates should get in touch with Francesca Spagnoli ( for further information. Please send your CV, research interests, and names and contact information of three references. Positions will be available starting in October 2021. More information on the group, publications and research topics in the group can be found in the laboratory website:
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