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Serrano Lab

Research Interests

Neurobiology: the development and proliferation of sensory hair cells of the inner ear.

Research Area

Research in our laboratory focuses on the cellular and molecular processes underlying differentiation of the mechanosensory hair cells of the inner ear, and on the innervation of these cells by axons of the eighth cranial nerve. The aquatic amphibians, Xenopus laevis, and Xenopus tropicalis, are being used as a model system for these investigations. The broad objective of this research is to gain an integrated view of the development and proliferation of sensory hair cells of the inner ear by using multidisciplinary approaches that draw on techniques from biophysics, anatomy, tissue culture, and molecular biology. A major long term goal of our research is to understand the genetic basis of hair cell function, differentiation, and regeneration. As part of this effort we seek to gain an integrated view of sensory organ formation during inner ear development, and to identify novel genes expressed in the developing auditory and vestibular system.

Current Members

Serrano, Elba E. (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact
Virk, Selene (Other)
Llamas, Eduardo (Other)



Institution: New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM

Web Page:

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