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Zorn Lab

Research Interests

Endoderm and Liver development

Current Members

Zorn, Aaron M. (Principal Investigator/Director)
Wlizla, Marcin (Post-doc)
Mancini, Pamela (Post-doc)
Rankin, Scott A. (Lab Manager)
Zhang, Zheng (Graduate Student)
Louza, Mariana (Graduate Student)
Han, Lu (Graduate Student)
Bayyari, Nadia M (Undergraduate Student)
Ponferrada, Virgilio G. (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
James-Zorn, Christina (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
Fortriede, Joshua D (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
Burns, Kevin A. (Programmer/Bioinformatician)



Institution: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Division of Developmental Biology
Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation
Cincinnati, Ohio

Web Page:

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